Speed up the application process through our scheduling platform

Unlike the traditional scheduling process and preset appointments other companies use, our sophisticated scheduling system, ScheduleNow, uses a real-time examiner availability appointment calendar and can identify exam time based on applicant’s appointment address. This means the availability you see when scheduling an applicant, is the most accurate. Our modern scheduling system is more user-friendly and reduces typical turnaround time to six days.

How ScheduleNow works for you

Once the applicant’s address is entered into the order screen, ScheduleNow populates a real-time calendar with an examiner who covers the applicant’s zip code. The user selects the desired date and time for the applicant’s appointment. Once the order is submitted, ScheduleNow reserves the appointment with the selected examiner. Applicants can also use ScheduleNow to schedule their own exams.

All ExamOne clients can take advantage of ScheduleNow’s capabilities, national coverage, and flexibility

  • This tool is available for online users to schedule paramedical exams when submitting orders through our website and is used by our call center to schedule a paramedical exam at the end of the medical history telephone interview.
  • Life insurance applicants can also use SheduleNow to schedule their own exam.
  • One hundred percent of ExamOne offices in the United States utilize the platform.
  • The system is flexible enough to integrate with a variety of Agency Management Systems. API and web interface client versions also available.

Register and start ordering exams today and experience how our paramedical solution can help you improve your completion rates, schedule exams faster and improve your applicant’s experience.

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