Policy Express™ 2.0

Quick, powerful and customized decisions

Policy Express 2.0 is a new triage workflow that utilizes health data to build custom risk profiles for your applicants. When Policy Express was first implemented, applicants would complete a straight-through process, from start to finish. With Policy Express 2.0, applicants only complete certain steps, like blood testing or attending physician statements, based on the guidelines set by your team. This means only select applicants who need additional requirements will complete the full underwriting process.

ExamOne’s valuable data combination

This new triage workflow provides a fast and flexible solution to include health data, behavioral data, and self-reported health history.

Health data:

  • ScriptCheck®
  • QuestCheck®

Behavioral data:

  • MVRs
  • Criminal Records

Self-reported health history:

  • Health History Collections

Applicant-level scoring:

  • Risk Identifier™

Enhancements to Policy Express 2.0 allow for a triage of requirements using proven health data while reducing the chance of missed mortality indicators. Carriers don’t have to invest in new software to use these tools, just connect to ExamOne as you do today and let us score and triage your applicants.