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Serving clients, applicants and patients in areas impacted by COVID-19

Updated: 06.10.2020

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and making adjustments in accordance with national and state mandates, with the safety of our employees and applicants as a priority. We rapidly reacted to help ensure limited service disruptions and implemented extensive safety measures to our field and exam offices. Some state and area restrictions may impact our collection network, office closures and appointment availability.

Our staff is here to help guide you during these changing events. Feel free to contact your ExamOne representative or local branch office for specific coverage inquires.

Providing options for exam locations

Exam center availability

We are processing examinations in the available Quest Patient Service Centers (PSC) across the United States. Quest PSCs are considered health care essential businesses or exempt businesses and are available in impacted areas. Applicants are required to wear face masks for Quest PSC appointments.  

The stay at home restrictions may have impacted our ability to offer appointment availability in some of our corporate offices. For more information about exam appointment availability in ExamOne corporate offices (updated 06.10.2020), click here.

Mobile examination availability

Mobile examinations are available nationwide for applicants who are interested and who have passed the precautionary screening questions prior to the exam date and time. We recommend applicants wear a face mask during an in-home appointment. The stay at home orders in some areas have impacted our examiner network and you may experience delays in mobile appointment availability. Please continue to contact your local branch office for coverage inquires.

Collections for ExamOne’s Health and Life Sciences and non-life insurance clients and patients are deemed a “medical necessity” and are still being performed.


While our staff remains at full capacity, there may be some delays in our calling campaign.


We have received notifications that various medical facilities are closed in some areas which may cause a delay in your APS retrieval.


The following states have indicated their offices were temporarily closed, are currently closed or will be closed to some extent, but are still processing requests. We do not anticipate any delays or disruption to service and you are still able to access driving records.

MVR state office closures

The following states have indicated they will be extending the expiration date for those drivers that currently hold a valid license, which is set to expire during the pandemic.

license extensions

Contact us

Please continue to contact your local branch for service inquires and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. In “Shelter in Place” and “Stay at Home” impacted areas, our customer service staff is working remotely to assist our clients.

If you have any questions specific to your line of business, please contact your Strategic Account Executive or Regional Account Manager.