Quick Ticket

American General

AG Quick Ticket® is a simple, online submission tool for American General’s UL and Term business and is available nationwide. Simply complete a short application and ExamOne takes it from there. AG Quick Ticket offers excellent first contact rates and tele-interview turnaround times, as 75% of interviews are completed within 24 hours. Plus, for the prepared client (age 55 and under and an application of $1M and under) the ticket can be submitted and issued in two weeks. Learn more at opens in a new windowwww.AGQuickTicket.com.

Genworth Financial

Streamline the process and decrease cycle times with Life Quick Request℠. opens in a new windowLife Quick Request℠ is a short-form ticket process that frees you from tracking down underwriting requirements. Life Quick Request℠ can help you:

  • Cut cycle times in half to 13 days for term cases and 16 days for Universal Life cases
  • Increase placement rates by up to 8%
  • Fewer Attending Physician Statements
  • Get commissions paid faster

And if you use ePolicy Delivery, it’s even faster! When you enter a ticket in  opens in a new windowLife Quick Request℠, and opt-in for  opens in a new windowePolicy Delivery you can electronically manage the entire policy delivery process, cutting delivery time from weeks to days. It’s your ticket to faster cycle times, a smoother application process, and more successful placements.

* As of February 1, 2013, cases processed through Life Quick Request had a median cycle time of 13 days for term and 16 days for UL cases from the day New Business receives the case to the day the policy is mailed. Term cases with face amounts greater than $100,000 have an 8% increase in placement ratio over paper applications (rolling 12-month average).